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They started their family dry rub and sweet and spicy BBQ sauce business in 2011, but they have been mixing Dry Rubs and cooking Sauces for many years. Several friends & acquaintances have been telling them that they should market their products. Their Texas dry rub for beef ribs or pork ribs, was entered in a competition in Georgia last year and it won third place, against some very well known and established Rub’s. It was at this point that they got serious & started formulating and planning the business.

One day they were mixing up a batch of Texas Dry Rub and their son came home from NCSU. He brought his roommate with him for dinner who came into the kitchen and asked, “so you are mixing up the Billy Bub’s Rub”? The name stuck for the Dry Rub and they decided to use this as the company name.

One of their favorite things to do is to fire up the grill and cook. A very close friend, their “WingMan”, got them hooked on smoking meat. They have spent many Saturdays smoking Pork Butts, Ribs, Chicken & Brisket. They use the Dry Rub liberally on everything they are going to smoke the night prior smoking the meat. It really does a great job of flavoring and forming a good bark. He is a Native Texan, so he knew what a good Dry Rub should taste like. The Sauce is a combination of Memphis, Carolina & Texas flavors. Like the Dry Rub, it is Great on anything, grilled or smoked.

Billy Bub’s is family-owned and operated right here in Raleigh, NC. Their products including our BBQ Sauces & Rubs are made with pride, and come with a personal touch.

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