Chad's Carolina Corn


Chad’s Carolina Corn is a family owned and operated business located in Greensboro, NC and produces some of the most amazing popcorn the world has ever seen. Like many good endeavors Chad’s Carolina Corn started with a relatively simple premise: make the finest popcorn available using the highest quality gourmet ingredients.

With a passion for creativity and a laser guided focus on concocting undeniable flavor combinations, Chad didn’t stop until the popcorn had reached perfection. Whether redefining staples such as White Cheddar and Kettle Corn, to more exotic popcorn flavors such as Buffalo Wing and Dark Chocolate, to his signature Carolina Mix, the mission was a success.

The journey continues as untold thousands of happy customers have fallen in love with the popcorn, with no sign of slowing down. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying Chad’s Carolina Corn you truly don’t know what you’re missing.

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