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An Interview with Master Craftsman: Stan Corbett

What type of work do you do?

Furniture repair, refinishing and restoration. A large percentage of my work for private clientele centers around dining tables, chairs and household furniture, bedroom suites, antiques and family heirlooms. Bed alterations, such as lowering mattress heights, replacing side rails to strengthen and tighten beds and re-sizing, Queen to King being the most popular comprises a large part of my business. I serve local antique dealers and decorators in the Wilson area and private customers from Chapel Hill to the coast. Fire, smoke and water damaged furniture makes it way to me from time to time, along with church pews and architectural specialty mill work. A side interest making hand dovetailed and specialty boxes from domestic and exotic hardwoods has evolved from a hobby/sideline into a thriving business as well.​ I also teach at the Eastern NC School of the Deaf in Wilson, NC and love sailing every chance I get

What services do you offer?

  • Furniture repair

  • Refinishing and restoration

  • Custom built furniture

  • Specialty built boxes

  • Brass buffing and lacquering

  • Refinishing exterior wood doors

How long you have been refinishing furniture?

Thirty three years

How did become interested in wood work?

I began by making pieces I needed for my own home, mostly in the Shaker style. Some yard sale crafts were picked up by a local store owner, craft fairs brought me some notoriety and I set up shop serving mostly antique dealers and some private customers while operating a small retail shop in downtown Wilson.

Who is going to benefit from your services / what type of clients of you work with?

Home decorators, antique dealers and collectors as well as individuals with specific furniture restoration needs. People with meaningful wood salvaged from historic properties, homeplaces, or other sentimental sources who want to preserve their meaning in the form of specialty boxes for every use from decorative to housing cremation remains.

What type of custom work do you do?

In many ways I feel that everything I do is custom as I work with each customer to provide whatever service I perform to their specifications.

How can potential clients get in touch with you?

Telephone is the best, text or email works too.

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