Fogwood Food


At Fogwood Farm, they carefully cultivate specialty crops. For over ten years we have grown nutritious and delicious Shiitake Mushrooms on their wooded property. Long-established blueberries are bountiful in summer; new asparagus fields are increasingly productive. Baby ginger is a recent addition to their crop offerings.

Small-batch jams, jellies, and syrups, produced in their inspected farm kitchen, are Fogwood Food’s signature recipes. They are committed to using ONLY fresh local produce grown by ourselves or other local farmers.

Fogwood Food is dedicated to the promotion of wellness through lifestyles that incorporate healthy and safe local foods. They specialize in professional consultations and presentation centered around local food promotion; season food preparation demonstration; teaching and proctoring exams for ServSafe; and other local food promotion activities.

Fogwood Food has been featured in OurState Magizine for their amazing produce.

You can go follow them on Facebook or you can visit their website at

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Showing 1–10 of 16 results