Hampton Heritage Cotton Rope

At Hampton Knots, we ensure that our knots are made from 100% American cotton, hand tied and given the Marlin stamp of approval. Hampton Heritage knots is a safe way to play with your pup without any fear of chemicals found in many over off the shelf dog toys.  Chuck hopes your best friend likes his knots as much as his Dodger and Marlin. 


Artisan Chuck Hoover handcrafts each Hampton Heritage Knot using traditional marlinspike techniques. A long time boating and woodworking enthusiast, Chuck learned the art of marlinspike under the instruction of Don Simpson through the Watercraft Maritime Museum, Beaufort, NC.

Finding most dog toys were being made outside the US, he started making marlinspike toys for his golden retriever, “Hampton Roads the Mariner”… and he loved them! So, Chuck started offering the toys at a local craft shop. Each toy is made of 100% American made cotton rope. 


The nautical term “marlinspike” is the name given to a sharp steel pointed pin used to separate strands of rope. In today’s nautical community, the term often refers to fancy rope work and knotting. The marlinspike knotting is a “line splice” which is used to splice two lengths of rope (or line) together to make a longer line.

You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram, or you can visit their website at; hamptonheritage.com

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