Like the Mountains

Like The Mountains Custom Cutting Boards takes pride in hand crafted custom made cutting boards made from harvested red oak in Columbus, NC, USA. We have other wood options for custom boards, but Red Oak is a favorite of mine.

The NC Mountains are close to my heart and I’ve traveled there all my life. The name “Like The Mountains” comes from when my sister was very young, (she is 14 years younger) and I would tell her I loved her. She would ask me “how much” and I responded with “Like The Mountains.” She knew how much I loved the mountains and this let her know that this must be BIG LOVE! Years later when I had my own children, I would let them know my love was BIG for them too by always saying, “I love you like the mountains.”

Our producer is a talented guy, living in Columbus with his adoring wife, eager to hand craft a board for you to enjoy for years to come! We can create any style, size or shape for your business or personal use.

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