Mike D's BBQ

His name is Michael De Los Santos or Mike D hence the name. Mike D’s BBQ is a line of signature BBQ sauces and all-purpose dry rubs. Their sauces are a twist on the traditional BBQ sauce with some unique seasonings and spice levels. A core ingredient of our BIG Sauce is our all-purpose dry rubs which are great with beef, pork, any bird, or vegetable. Whether you are in your kitchen, backyard grilling, or smoking their sauces and rubs are the perfect flavor compliment by not overpowering the natural flavor of the meat or vegetables. Our award winning Sweet and Spicy rub is the heart of their Spicy BBQ Sauce. This business is the result of a long process of refining my sauces and rubs to meet my desired flavor and then share it with the world. He is a BBQ junkie, and was intrigued by the various sauces and rubs on the market. He eventually decided that to find what he thought was the perfect combination of sweet, smoky, and a little bite, he would need to create my own!

In 2009, a spicy version of the sauce was entered into a competition for amateur sauce makers in North Carolina. His spicy BBQ sauce came in 3rd place overall and 2nd in its division! Since that time, friends and family have encouraged me to take his product from the backyard to the masses and that is where they are today.

In 2014, their first full year of business we had over $3,000 in sales. In 2015, they launched their Sweet & Spicy rub and had an overall 23% increase in sales. 2016 saw us have 120% growth in sales, and 2017 is off to a great start! Their Sweet & Spicy rub finished 2nd in the Dry Rub – Fowl category at the World Hot Sauce Awards. In 2017, their Spicy Sauce won the Sauce Boss Competition People’s Choice Award and finished 2nd with the judges at the BBQ Festival on the Neuse in Kinston, NC! In 2018, Mike D won big again at the BBQ Festival on the Neuse. They placed 1st place with Mike D’s Big Sauce and took home the win.

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Youtube! Or you can visit their site at mikedsbbq.com

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