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Neomega Nutritionals, LLC  was founded by a mom of three kids who has a passion for health supporting food, grown and made in a way that nourishes our bodies and the environment.


My name is Judit Beres and I started Neomega Nutritionals  in 2016 . When the multinational, clinical research company I worked for, closed it’s US operations in 2015, I decided to make a career change and  pursue my passion for clean food and a healthier environment!

  I started this company because I strongly believe that we live in the midst of a food revolution in this country. Food is on everyone’s mind it seems: people want to know where our food comes from, how it was grown and what is in it, for it to best support our health and that of the environment it was grown in. Now, more than ever, the term: ‘Let food be thy medicine!’ rings true. It definitely rings true to me and my family. After having my son in 2008, I became more and more concerned about the food we eat, especially because my son had severe eczema, environmental and peanut allergy and nothing prescribed by doctors helped him. I started researching the food we eat regularly and during my quest I became more and more interested and passionate about clean and healthy eating. I cleaned out our pantry and moved to a clean whole food diet.

I am strongly convinced that we need to clean out our pantry on a national level and remove artificial ingredients, sweeteners and GMO’s  from our cupboards and our diets!  This is my conviction and my passion.  This is the reason  why I decided to leave my career in clinical research and pursue my passion for clean and healthy eating! I teamed up with Michelle Mathura, a Registered Dietician to develop novel and functional foods using natural, NON-GMO ingredients. Our mission is also to be a trusted source for recipes, meal plans and nutrition advice coming from an expert nutritionist.

I am very proud of our  booming food culture here in North Carolina, and to be part of this evolving food scene. We are keen on using local herbs in our infused avocado oils, whenever we can, and manufacture our infusions in Hillsborough, NC. We are immensely grateful to our local community in the Triangle for supporting and serving as our test market for all of our products.

Our Company is built on a strong commitment for social and environmental responsibility. My hope and vision for our company is to be an agent of change, whether that means giving back to local Farms and Organizations or offering better, cleaner more sustainable food!  The road is long and difficult at times, but is so worth every minute of work for me! I am truly grateful to be fortunate enough to walk this path and continue building this company as an agent of change in eating clean, sustainably grown food while preserving the health of the land.

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