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Peggy Rose grew up in rural North Carolina the daughter of a long line of farmers. She left home to attend college and become a teacher, blessing the lives of first graders for many years through her remarkable career in the classroom.

Peg’s roots and heart always remain on that North Carolina farm.  After perfecting her family’s heritage recipes, she began to make her favorite Sweet Pepper Jellies to give as gifts to the parents of her students, friends all around the world and of course, her family. Once they tasted the deliciousness of Peg’s recipes, it was with their urging and support that she decided to share her special Pepper Jellies with the public.

Never afraid of hard work, Peg has worked tirelessly to make Peggy Rose’s Pepper Jellies available to anyone who craves it. Initially available through local gourmet stores and high-end restaurants, Peggy Rose’s is now sold in WholeFoods Markets throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic markets,  A Southern Season, HomeGoods, and  fine gourmet retailers around the world.

The Peggy Rose’s team has traveled the world to China, Canada, Macau, Thailand, and South Korea, and met with dozens of other country representatives at trade shows and missions to expand the Peggy Rose’s market internationally. Peggy Rose’s is fast becoming world-renowned, a household name, and a must-have at every gathering of families and friends.  They look forward to sharing the deliciousness we love so dearly with you!

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