Yo Momma's Style


She is an entrepreneur living in the Raleigh area. North Carolina is the perfect place for my business.  Second, she is a mom and her kids mean the world to her! Third and finally, she is a passionate friend and foodaholic. She loves nothing better than to cook for everyone and anyone! Cooking came early to her; her first memory as a child was getting up early one morning when she lived in Southeast Philly with her mother and Aunt Sara in an apartment and making my first batch of pancakes. And yes–she did get the oil too hot and started a grease fire and promptly ignited it more by throwing a cup of water on it, but it didn’t deter her on my quest for all things food.

She got luckier from there on out, when her mother married a nice Jewish boy from Scarsdale New York. Joe was my saving grace; the best thing that happened to her. He opened up a whole new world of delicious food. Dumplings in China town, Fresh lobster from Carmen’s down the shore, and good New York bagels with cream cheese and raspberry jam.
So when she left home at age 18, she already knew how to cook; she just started my quest. When she bemoaned to my mother that you just can’t get good raspberry jam in Texas, and her reply was, “Why don’t you make your own?” she thought, it can’t be that hard, it’s just a recipe. So here she sits, 30 plus years later still making homemade jam, raspberry, blackberry, peach, and now she can make a darn good batch of strawberry, too!

So enjoy and get creative, don’t be ordinary be extraordinary!

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