Artisan Soapery

Meet Katye Fredieu – The Owner and Product Developer of Artisan Soapery.  After developing severe sensitive skin from all of the scarring during my motorcycle accident, I started developing my own skin care. I shortly found a new business venture; the art of soap making! Handcrafted soap was so much better than any store bought soap or body wash I’d ever used before and I wanted to know why. I immersed myself in the chemistry behind saponification and created formulas that cannot be found in stores or by small hobby makers.

I started researching ways to make soap, ways to make it better, and science of it all, the ingredients and the properties they provide, and began the research and development of my own proprietary formulas. Although it was challenging, my passion only intensified for soap making and I couldn’t wait to expand my knowledge and see what else I could make. I spent my time researching, experimenting, and using my friends and family to test my soaps and other products. With astonishing approval, I took the leap of faith to begin sharing this passion with the world! 

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