Cottage Lane Kitchen

Cottage Lane is a hidden in the heart of Chapel Hill where at least one member of our family has lived since 1922.  In fact, at different times, our family has owned six of the seven homes that still stand on the lane. There is one home, however, where four generations of our family have grown peppers on its land and cooked and preserved pepper relish in the kitchen.  This is the origin of the business name – to acknowledge this special location and members of our family. This is not your ordinary relish. We create a fiery, distinctive Southern Pepper Relish!  Made from fresh chile peppers, with not a cucumber in sight, our relish has a modern, bold spicy flavor with a firecracker personality to boot! 

Throughout her travels and relocations, there is only one place that has remained a constant in Samantha’s life; her grandfather’s home on Cottage Lane in Chapel Hill, NC.  In fact, her family have lived in and/or owned five of the six houses built on Cottage Lane.  Her great grandmother and grandfather grew peppers on its land and all four generations (her great-grandmother, grandfather, father and herself) have lived in their family home and produced relish in its kitchen.  Therefore, her company couldn’t possibly be named anything other than ‘Cottage Lane Kitchen’…

Relish…Every Day!

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