Stoney Mountain Farm

In 2005, Olga left her friends and the home she had nurtured and loved most all her adult life in Durham NC, for the country. A perfect life it seemed, good job, great friends, great house and community….but something was missing. Something about nature and the land called her. Against the advice of friends and advisers, she found the place she would put down roots in Alamance County, NC. A house and barns in need of much repair and land that clearly had been loved, but abandoned. Alone in this vast new world with an old Ford pick up she named Floyd, Olga began the adventure.

As it became more and more evident that she was in over her head, Olga sought the advice of John M. Elder…the rest is history. John grew up in the mountains of N.C. His family farmed cattle, sheep, horses, and crops. He has wonderful memories and values the richness of his childhood but as he reached the age to decide if farming was his future, he ran to anything but. He recalls, “it was hard work”!

No one would ever imagine John would ever leave the NC mountain area but especially for the Piedmont region where temperatures do go over 80 degrees. John loves to say, “I’m not sure if I fell in love with a girl or a farm.” They married in 2008. Together they farm, run the business, and play. Together they say, “it’s hard work but we love it”! Olga loves to finish the story by saying, “I followed my heart and love found me”.

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